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For all Common Awards students: CA Management Board election
by David Allen - Thursday, 13 October 2016, 5:35 PM

The Common Awards Management Board is the national body that oversees the Common Awards suite of programmes. As of this year, it will have two CA student representatives, drawn from across the various training institutions (TEIs). Nominations for these representative roles have now closed, and...

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Picture of Georgina Bewley
5 Days Remaining to Order your Queen's Merchandise
by Georgina Bewley - Thursday, 6 October 2016, 12:26 PM

* * *** ONLY 5 DAYS REMAINING *** * *

* * *** TO ORDER *** * *

* * *** YOUR QUEEN’s MERCHANDISE! *** * *


Send your orders to Georgina in Registry

Picture of Georgina Bewley
The Queen's Merchandise Shop is Open!!!
by Georgina Bewley - Monday, 3 October 2016, 12:39 PM

Hello and welcome!

It was so lovely to meet and greet new and returning students at the start of term.


During induction I promoted the Queen’s Merchandise Shop, which I look after.

I am keen to give everyone an opportunity to place their merchandise orders.


Merchandise ...

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Picture of Katherine Onion
by Katherine Onion - Wednesday, 28 September 2016, 6:15 PM

Further to the message on 2nd August- deadline for nominations 30th September.

Call for student representatives!

The Common Awards Management Board provides oversight of the Common Awards programmes. The Board meets three times each year, with two meetings in Durham and one in London. At...

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